Time-based media (TBM) is a thriving area in contemporary art, which is made up of a rich and diverse group of art practices, such as performance, video art, and installation.

By combining my experience with internal controls in financial institutions, with my interest in TBM conservation, I explore the possibilities and applicability of a formal risk assessment process in improving the controls in place within art institutions. The research started as part of my MA (Sotheby’s Institute London) dissertation.

Moving forward with my research, I am in the pursuit of live case studies where I can develop the following areas:

  1. Documentation analysis
  2. Internal controls analysis
  3. Risk Assessment in TBM conservation
  4. Risk Assessment for specific artwork

My main focus is on public institutions, but it would be possible to easily adapt to a private collection.

If you would like to know more or wants to propose a project, please get in touch.